Strange Days
House of Egorn
Opening/Private View : 30th October 2015
31. Oct - 28. Nov. 2015

His recent series of works presented at House of Egorn gallery in Berlin, Hyun’s interest in figurative and abstract elements of painting seem to have joined forces. The images of deserted buildings or scenes from a city where time has taken over are still the result of having looked at a motif, having seen certain places and experienced their atmospheres. In fact, the pleasure of looking at the paintings comes from a certain grip on the mood that can be associated with such places, and the painter’s ability to capture an illusion of it. At the same time, if one zooms in on all the small details, the works can be regarded as developments in paint. The paint itself behaves quite freely, instead of serving the composition of the scene. Apart from the reality that was painted, the painting itself has become a reality.

- Jurriaan Benschop

Warschauer StraßeWarschauer Straße 2015, Oil on canvas, 106 x 160 cm